Glenn Beck Working on Anti-'Glee' Project

Glenn Beck Working on Anti-'Glee' Project

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck outed his secret plan to destroy "Glee" on Friday, telling the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington that "the left" won't know what hit them when his conservative version of the "horrifying" high school show makes its debut.

Beck recalled how his jaw dropped when he and his wife were watching the Fox comedy, which addresses hot topics like bullying, teen homosexuality and soaring ballads by Lea Michele, a year ago.

"It's horrifying some of the things that they're teaching high schoolers," he told the audience. "But it's brilliantly done. It's produced, brilliantly. Its music, brilliant. Its acting, brilliant. Its cinematography, brilliant. All of it!"

After watching the series in awe, culture warrior Beck turned to his wife and said "we lose, there is no way to beat that."

"Well, yes there is," he told the faithful. "We've spent about a year now trying to put together a push-back with artists, with music. But not the stereotypical conservative Lee Greenwood music."

He has dubbed the initiative his "Oedipus Project" because "the left will be making out with me and they'll never see it coming."

So far, Beck has been tight-lipped about who some of the non-Lee Greenwoods will be. In an interview with Buzzfeed earlier this week, he only hinted, "We are working with a rapper -- I can't say who yet -- but my audience and his audience will say, 'What?'."

According to the Buzzfeed story, people will be getting a taste of the anti-"Glee" project at Beck's three-day "Restoring Love" event being held July 28 at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Beck has focused on being a media mogul since leaving Fox News in 2010, having started The Blaze, a conservative news and opinion website.

Beck has railed against "Glee" before, saying on his TV show that everyone in the cast "is somebody that your kids want to be like. Except everybody is sleeping with everybody else. There's no values. It's all self-gratification. It's a nightmare."

Now that you know what's up his sleeve, will you be puckering up for Beck when his "Glee"-killer emerges?