Green Day Debuts 'Dos!' Album Artwork

Green Day Debuts 'Dos!' Album Artwork

Exactly a week after unveiling the album artwork for their upcoming Sept. 25 album, "¡Uno!," Green Day debuted the artwork for the second installment of the three-part series, "¡Dos!," due out Nov. 13.

Green Day Unveils "¡Uno!" Album Artwork

Similar to the "¡Uno!" cover, which bosts frontman Billie Joe Armstrong against a neon green background, "¡Dos!" features a black and white cutout of bassist Mike Dirnt's face, his eyes crossed out with hot pink X's. This time, however, the geometric background is a distressed dirty orange, and "Green Day" is scribbled in contrasting turquoise.

Just as they did the first time around, the pop-punk trio dropped a 30-second trailer to accompany the new artwork and promote the release of the album. Shots of the band performing "songs about sex," putting in quality time in the studio, and road-tripping are backed by heavy, distorted garage-sounding licks.

We're willing to bet that "¡Tré!," the final installment in the series, will follow the precedent set by the first two albums and showcase the band's third member, drummer Tré Cool, as its cover model. "¡Tre!" is scheduled to land Jan. 15, 2013.