Cher Musical in Development; New Album, Tour in the Works

Cher Musical in Development; New Album, Tour in the Works

Cher Musical in Development; New Album, Tour in the Works

A Broadway musical based on the life and music of pop diva Cher is currently in development, said the icon via Twitter.

Cher tweeted that it's been a "very slow process" and that producers have "been working on it quite a while now." Cher's publicist Liz Rosenberg concurred, telling Billboard that the show has been in the works for "several years."

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The musical is one of a number of projects the diva has been working on behind the scenes. In addition to the stage show, she's recording a new studio album and planning for a concert tour. (More about the album and tour in a moment.)

Cher said that the musical would be divided into three segments, with three different actresses portraying her in various stages of her life. The trio of performers will interact with one another as well, in spoken word and in song.

One actress would appear as Cher from her early years up through her time with her late ex-husband Sonny Bono (as Sonny & Cher). Another would pick up the story after that, and continue on through the "Believe" era, when Cher topped the Billboard Hot 100 with the single of the same name in 1999. And then finally, a third would play Cher from then on into the present day.

Cher said that she could play the "old Cher" in the show, a character that's "wise" and tells the younger versions of herself not to fear the future.

If the production makes it to Broadway -- with Cher on board as an actress -- it wouldn't be the first time the diva has visited the Broadway stage. She co-starred in the play "Come Back to the 5 & Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean," which ran for two months in 1982.

In other news, Cher continues to work on a new studio album, which will be her first since 2002's "Living Proof." No release date has been announced for the set, though Cher indicated in April ( via Twitter, naturally) that she's hoping for it to be out by Christmas.

Cher has been collecting and recording songs for the album for at least a year. One of those tunes is a duet with Lady Gaga, titled "The Greatest Thing." The track was initially due to debut last August as a single, though it has yet to materialize. Cher Tweeted earlier this year that its release was delayed by her record label, Warner Bros., indicating that the company wanted to save it for when the album was completed.

Cher tweeted about the state of the album in general on May 3, writing that she had just finished some "great songs" and added that her label "loves 'em!"

Finally, Cher continues to plan to embark on a concert tour -- a trek she has (perhaps jokingly) dubbed the Never Can Say Goodbye Tour. The name of the outing seems to be a reference to how her last multi-city jaunt was designed to be her "farewell" tour. That run, Living Proof: The Farewell Tour, played over 300 shows between 2002 and 2005. (Cher then headed to Las Vegas for a three-year stand at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace from 2008 to 2011.)

The new tour was due to launch this August, but no dates have been announced.