Susan Boyle's Neighbors Want Her to Stop Singing

Susan Boyle's neighbors dreamed a dream: that the singer would stop singing. Teresa Miller and her fiancé, Paul Keaveney, who share a duplex wall with the 2009 standout of UK reality show Britain's Got Talent, have launched a noise complaint against the songster for singing at all hours of the day and night, calling her early morning tunes "unbearable."

The worst part? Boyle's belting covers of "Wild Horses," "Unchained Melody," and the song that started it all, "I Dreamed a Dream," has resulted in the Blackburn, West Lothian couple's inability to "hear the telly," according to The Sun.

Boyle purchased a $500,000 villa in Blackburn shortly after finishing second in Britain's Got Talent, but returned to her modest home a short six months later.

"I don't know if she has a karaoke machine or what, but it is loud. It goes on for hours. She'll play one song on repeat and play it again and again. It gets monotonous," said Miller in her interview with the UK publication.

This isn't the first time Miller and Keaveney have had beef with Boyle - revenge is suspected as a close friend says the neighbors "are the ones causing all the trouble" and have been having "almighty rows."

According to the unnamed ally, Boyle practices in her "posh house" and it's "very unlikely she would disturb the neighbors with her singing."

A spokeswoman for Boyle said "There is been no communication from the council so we are unaware if there even has been a complaint." According to The Sun, the West Lothian Council neglected to comment on the complaint.