Katy Perry Asked to Ditch Hazardous Peppermint Bra

Katy Perry Asked to Ditch Hazardous Peppermint Bra

Katy Perry may have to return her infamous (and outrageous) peppermint bra to Candyland. Her tour insurers have deemed the spinning bra hazardous -- as her hair keeps getting caught in its wheels -- and the "Teenage Dream" star has been asked to ditch the bra and come up with a new article of clothing, Perry told the Sun.

"I keep being told the insurers are worried I will injure my neck," she said. "I seriously doubt it could be lethal but they want a new bra designed that will not allow hair to be caught up."

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Though Perry seemed unconcerned, insurers are reportedly worried that these incidents could end up straining Perry's neck, causing her to have to cancel tour dates and consequently lose tour investors large amounts of money.

Perry's signature candy get-up was featured in her new concert documentary, "Katy Perry: Part of Me," and also on her California Dreams Tour. Fortunately for the film crew, the movie performace -- in which Perry wore the red and white dress to sing "Teenage Dream" -- went off without a hitch.

Watch Perry's peppermint wheels in action: