Exclusive: Matisyahu on the Making of 'Spark Seeker' Songs (Video)

Exclusive: Matisyahu on the Making of 'Spark Seeker' Songs (Video)

When it came time to follow up 2009's "Light," Matisyahu headed to Israel. To call it an inspirational trip would be an understatement: for one, the dance track "Tel Aviv'n" was written and recorded in Tel Aviv in a single day.

"To me, Israel represents a place of light. It's where I really started to discover God and where I connected with Judaism," Matisyahu, who turned heads with his recent physical transformation, says in documentary footage from the "Spark Seeker" sessions. The album is out today, July 17. "There's a certain feeling of unity there."

Exclusive: Matisyahu Talks Transformation, 'Spark Seeker'

The communal "Spark Seeker" process saw Matisyahu and producer KoOolkOjAk embrace outside contributors, as well. Songwriter Jack Knight (Diddy, Jennifer Lopez), who Matisyahu calls a "behind-the-scenes cat," wrote "Live Like a Warrior" with the musician in mind.

"It was kind of undeniable," Matisyahu says. "It just felt right."

The anthemic track was sparked by Knight's daughter struggling with schoolyard bullying, a feeling the musician thought a younger generation could connect with.

"I think that it resonates strong with kids," Matisyahu said, adding that he's dedicated the song to his son, Shalom.