Justin Bieber Chase May Lead to Charges Under 2010 Anti-Paparazzi Law

Justin Bieber Chase May Lead to Charges Under 2010 Anti-Paparazzi Law

The Los Angeles city attorney's office is weighing whether to file its first case under the 2010 anti-paparazzi law thanks to a photographer's pursuit of Justin Bieber. The July 6 high-speed chase landed the 18-year-old singer a speeding ticket for driving over 80 mph in a 65 mph zone in his Fisker Karma sports car.

The paparazzo, who was driving at excessive speeds to snap a photo of the teenage pop star, dodged authorities, but the California Highway Patrol was able to identify the man via his license plates.

Los Angeles City Councilman Dennis Zine called 911 to report the incident, later stating he was aware of the paparazzi situation but that it didn't warrant unsafe driving, according to the Los Anglees Times.

"Any time you do 90, the paparazzi are going to go 90," Zine told the Times. "He was going from the fast lane to the slow lane to the shoulder in traffic. It was a very dangerous driving situation. I figured someone was going to crash, so I called 911."

The CHP recommended the paparazzo, who was reportedly driving nearly 100 mph on the 101 Freeway after Bieber, be charged with not only reckless driving, but the recent law that protects celebrities against "photographers who cross the line," according to the Times. If found guilty, the paparazzo could see up to a year of jail time.