Rebecca Black 'Finishing' Debut Album, Loves Ed Sheeran & Black Keys

Rebecca Black 'Finishing' Debut Album, Loves Ed Sheeran & Black Keys

Rebecca Black 'Finishing' Debut Album, Loves Ed Sheeran & Black Keys

It seems like only yesterday that Rebecca Black's "Friday" was swirling virally across the Internet. The singer/overnight YouTube sensation made an appearance at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards on Sunday, where she showed her support for the nominees for this year's "Choice Web Star," a category she dominated in 2011.

Black arrived on the pink carpet armed with partially fuchsia locks and information about the status of her music career. "I am just finishing up an album right now," exclaimed Black who bounced up and down with excitement as she spoke.

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The bubbly singer explained that while there are no collaborations on this album, she'd love to get to a place in her career where she can team up with some of her idols.

"Since it's my first album, we're really just starting off and getting the base but maybe next time."

So who would Black's dream collaboration be? The Brit that is putting red heads on the map… singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran. "I LOVE Ed Sheeran!" chirped Black.

We asked Black if she planned to make any more epic YouTube videos to which she replied, "For sure. For sure. Until the day I die. Until the day I die." The teen singer admitted to having no idea that her video for "Friday" would receive so many hits. What did she do to celebrate her success? "I took a big nap to take it all in. It's hard to think of something to celebrate something that big."

As Black gears up to put the finishing touches on her debut album, she has been been looking to new music for songwriting inspiration. "I love Rihanna's album, Talk That Talk and I also love The Black Keys. They are a little bit more alternative; they're not really on the radio but I love them."

Black also told us that as far as hobbies are concerned, photography "is like my favorite thing ever -- besides music of course."