Metallica To Focus On New Album After Outside Lands, 3D Movie


Metallica's upcoming 3-D movie will be more than just a live concert film, but don't expect to see any "The Song Remains the Same"-style fantasy sequences from the group.

"Yeah, I've got my horse and my sword and my battle armor," Lars Ulrich quipped to during a conference call with reporters to talk about Metallica's upcoming appearance at the Outside Lands Festival on Aug. 11 in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. "Not quite that, but the are stranger references than 'The Song Remains the Same.' I certainly don't mean to be disrespectful in that way; I have nothing but love for Led Zeppelin and 'The Song Remains the Same.' (The film) is a narrative, and the rest of the stuff that goes on outside of the concert is not going to feature members of any way, shape or form. It's a split narrative that kind of runs parallel to the concert."

Outside Lands 2012 Lineup: Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Neil Young Headlining

Metallica, which toured Europe earlier this summer, is playing eight shows at the Palacio De Los Deportes starting July 28 in Mexico City, which Ulrich said will serve as rehearsals for the concerts that will be filmed by director Nimrod Antal Aug. 24-25 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, after another pair of rehearsal dates in Edmonton. "Then the rest of the film will be shot the next two or three weeks after the shows in Vancouver, into the middle to the third week of September," Ulrich added. A 2013 release is expected.

Ulrich also confirmed that Metallica will stage a second Orion Festival in 2013, adding that "we're definitely looking to either keep (it) in New Jersey or keep it on the East Coast" rather than bringing it closer to home. And while Metallica's pre-concert warm-up room remains an incubator for new music ideas, the drummer says the group hasn't yet nailed down plans to start recording a successor to 2008's "Death Magnetic."

"It's been a very full year with trying to launch the festival and get this music project up and running," Ulrich said. "And you're sort of itching... I mean, every time James Hetfield picks up a guitar there's some brilliant riff that comes out of him, and I try to make sure that they're all recorded and try to do my best to keep up with them and try to put some drums behind them. In terms of turning ideas into songs, pretty much when we're done with the movie and with Outside Lands... we're going to basically just concentrate on new music and trying to get another Metallica record will be the priority. I mean, it's an amazing thing, 31 years into a career, to be able to be as busy as we are and for people to give a s***."