Madonna's 10 Best Videos: Poll Results

Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks

Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks

The incomparable Madonna's 54th birthday is today (Aug. 16), and she's had more music videos than she has candles on her cake. Last week we asked fans to join in on our celebrate the queen of pop's special day by voting on which Madonna video is the best one of all time. The votes are in! Your picks spanned Madonna's career and were as eclectic and varied as the Material Girl herself -- mixing in artful fare like Mark Romanek's surreal clip for 1995's "Bedtime Story" with Madge's more iconic hits (though some surprisingly didn't make the cut, including "Like A Virgin"). What made your top ten? Which clip did you vote as her top video? Read on to see. Happy birthday, Madonna!

Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks | Madonna's 40 Biggest Billboard Hits

10. 'Ray Of Light'


Rounding out the top 10 with 3.1 percent of the vote, Madonna's "Ray of Light" begins with the sun rising over Manhattan, as people across the world hurry through their daily lives, timelapsed to match the upbeat track. Meanwhile, Madonna dances in front of a cloudy green-screen, parties at a discotheque and passes out on the dancefloor in the 1998 Jonas Åkerlund-directed clip, which was first released on limited edition VHS.

9. 'Bad Girl'


Christopher Walken makes an appearance in Madge's "Bad Girl" video, watching over the pop star as she smokes, drinks, commits adultery, and is eventually murdered, singing lyrics like, "I'm not happy when I act this way." Directed by David Fincher, who also helmed Madonna's "Express Yourself" and "Vogue Videos," the six-minute clip slipped in at No. 9 with 3.2 percent of the vote.

8. 'Justify My Love'


Banned by MTV for being so explicit, this polysexual black and white clip features Madonna stumbling through a hallway, and making erotic encounters of many kinds.


7. 'Hung Up'


Cleaving to a retro-70s vibe (after all it does feature an ABBA-inspired passage), the video for this 2005 hit finds Madonna in full Dancing Queen mode, lugging a giant boom box to a paneled basement rec room dance studio to boogie in a leotard in heels, while in the future-present, a gaggle of urban athletes parkeur off the sides of buildings to her beats. What's not to love?

6. 'Girl Gone Wild'


Holding it's own in your hearts among almost 30 years of her videos, Madonna's most recent single earns a place of honor in your top ten, pulling in nearly five percent of the vote, which is especially impressive when you consider there were over 50 choices.

5. 'Bedtime Story'


Madge's mid-90s foray into throbbing, electronic-touched pop came accompanied by director Mark Romanek's slick futuristic vision of a spacey dreamworld populated by a dove-birthing Madonna and whirling dervishes, visuals that earned it almost 5% of your votes.

4. 'Express Yourself'


Invoking the industrial, expressionist tropes of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, Madonna (literally) dances atop the machinery of sexual politics in director David Fincher's stylish 1989 call to arms to the women of the world, shouting, "Come on girls! Do you believe in love?!"


3. 'Frozen'


The video for this Hot 100 No. 2 ballad conveys the song's bleak heartbreak perfectly with a gimlet-eyed Madonna shrouded in black on an ominously barren field, waving her hennaed hands as she falls backwards, turning into a flock of crows, before multiplying.

2. 'Like A Prayer'


Chock-a-block with controversy-igniting religious imagery (crosses on fire, stigmata, Madonna making out with a saint), the unforgettable video for the gospel-inflected pop hit (complete with choir) ranked high among your votes earning the second slot on this list.

1. 'Vogue'


It has style, it has grace, and yes, in it, Madonna "gives good face." Another fruit of Madge's perfect pairing with director David Fincher, this 1990 homage to the sirens of the silver screen, complete with gauzy black-and-white cinematography and an irresistible matching dance, took the No. 1 spot in your votes in a landslide.

Madonna's Fashion Evolution: 50 Iconic Looks | Madonna's 40 Biggest Billboard Hits