Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland Talks New Albums, Band Drama & Working With Cash Money

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With Limp Bizkit in the studio and Black Light Burns' second album ("The Moment You Realize You're Going To Fall") coming out Aug. 14, Wes Borland finds himself musically two-timing. "It's a pain in the ass," the guitarist tells with a laugh. "It's a lot of juggling. We've already started to have interference between (the two bands) but everyone knew it was coming. Fred (Durst) and everybody in Bizkit and my management and the record label for Black Light (Rocket Science) are being understanding of both schedules. We're trying to make it work. I'm not sure how I'm going to do it all, but we'll figure out a way."

Borland says Limp Bizkit has been "in and out of the studio several times this year," as well as a recent concert run in Europe. The group is working on "two simultaneous records or ideas that may or may not merge into one record," but for now Borland says that "we've got a bunch of songs, and we're not at the point where I can go, 'Yes, the record is starting to form' and see where all of this is going. Right now we're recording songs, and it's been all over the place as far as what it is we're doing. They don't make sense together yet."

The eventual result will be the group's first offering in its new association with Cash Money Records, and Borland says it's been a "really cool" relationship that will yield dividends for both Limp Bizkit and the label's other artists. "We're planing on doing songs with them more geared to what they have to offer as far as their producers and what their expectations are for what we're doing," Borland explains. "At the same time all those artists on Cash Money are starting to discover rock and put an electric guitar element into their songs, and I'm really itching to get my foot in the door and be part of that." Borland says Lil Wayne has already approached him about playing on the rapper's next album, and he expects more opportunities to open up in the near future.

Meanwhile, Borland says the door isn't closed to DJ Lethal, who was ousted from Limp Bizkit earlier this year over interpersonal issues, returning to the band at some point. But the guitarist isn't sure that will happen in the near future. "It's a personal thing for us," Borland explains. "He was kind of a pain in the ass on tour and not really willing to change a lot of just showing up on time and stuff like that, and we had just had enough of it. Every time he wants to fix it and we say 'not yet,' he blows up on Twitter and says all these crazy things, and we go, 'OK, so it hasn't changed.' I'm waiting for him to come around and sort of have his actions speak instead of him just trying to reach out to us through words."

While Limp Bizkit moves forward, Borland is also busy launching Black Light Burns' "The Moment...," which follows the group's debut, "Cruel Melody," by five long years, even though it's been in the can since 2009. "I ended up doing some more recording on it this year to kind of polish it up and finish some things I didn't like and change some things around," Borland says. "It was kind of nice to be able to sit with the record for a long period of time so I could let it grow on me and also have the opportunity to...make some changes."

Borland, who collaborated with Danny Lohner on "Cruel Melody," worked mostly "in solitary" on "The Moment...," though former drummer Marshall Kilpatric played on seven of the tracks and guitarist Nick Annis played on six, while Annis' mother contributed a violin part to "Burn The World." "I wanted a dirtier record this time," Borland says. "I wanted a record that sounded more visceral and live. The songs on the first record changed when we started to play them live; they got this breath of life in them that they didn't have on the record. So my main goal on the new record was I didn't want there to be that difference when we started playing the songs live. I wanted to capture that train coming off the tracks feel on the recording."

Black Light Burns will play a dozen shows starting Sept. 13 in Lancaster, Calif. Borland says the group will squeeze in more dates as his Limp Bizkit schedule allows, including a swing through Europe in January.