Taylor Swift Announces 'Red' Album, New Single

Taylor Swift, 'Red': Track-By-Track Review

Taylor Swift, 'Red': Track-By-Track Review

Taylor Swift is one artist who knows how to make a splash, and that was apparent in her YouTube webcast on Monday night. She interacted with her legion of fans, answering plenty of questions and dropping the news that the music world has been waiting for.

"I have a new album coming out October 22, and I wanted to tell you about it," she said to a crowded audience. The album title is "Red." Swift also unveiled the album cover online. Swift said she has been working on the record for a while, and was excited to share the news of the upcoming release.

When asked about the name of the album, Swift said it stemmed from one of the titles of the songs on the disc - which was inspired by the many emotions she has felt in her relationships over the past two years.

"Red" will contain 16 songs.

"I wrote so many songs for the album that it was hard to choose the ones that would make it," Swift said. She admitted that she had over 30 songs to choose from before narrowing the track list down to 16. The first single from "Red" will be "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which will be available on iTunes tonight at midnight. She playfully introduced the song as being for "my lovely ex-boyfriend."

Swift was very open with viewers, telling fans that she preferred not to read news reports about herself - in case there were any inaccuracies.

"I have no idea what the general perception is about me," she said.

One difference between "Red" and "Speak Now" -- her previous album -- was that Swift enlisted the help of several of her favorite songwriters.

"I'm so excited for you to hear the music, and the new direction," she said. The album will contain a duet with British musician Ed Sheeran that the pair co-wrote together.

Swift was also asked about her tour schedule, and said that she would be doing "a lot of traveling, all over everywhere." She didn't offer too many details, only saying that she has been working on plans for a concert tour over the past couple of months.

Look for a media blast for Swift during release week. She said she plans on being in several different countries that week, as well as a promotional stop in New York City.