Alex Gaudino feat. Taboo in 'I Don't Wanna Dance': Video Premiere

Alex Gaudino feat. Taboo in 'I Don't Wanna Dance': Video Premiere

If you don't wanna dance, then we don't recommend watching the latest video from Alex Gaudino, an Italian DJ/producer who has taken Europe by storm and is ready to do the same in America. Gaudino has teamed up with Taboo of the Black Eyed Peas, who continues to branch out on his own as a solo artist, for their brand-new collaboration, "I Don't Wanna Dance."

The duo met on an airplane after a festival in Spain, and ended up getting along and discussing their upcoming dance albums. They then decided that a collaboration was in order for Gaudino's upcoming sophomore album.

Though different from his work with the Black Eyed Peas, Taboo is a willing songwriter, artist and collaborator. "There's really no big chemistry to [collaborating]. When you're a songwriter and an artist, you just have that in you," Taboo told "If you're a producer or somebody, and I write something and you're not really feeling it, I'm not opposed to changing it and making it fit so that the collaboration works. I just want to get it right."

TABOO The result of the collaboration with Gaudino is "I Don't Wanna Dance," a house dance number that Gaudino descibed as "fun and kind of irresistable."

"The video is actually a hybrid. We shot in the studio in Sao Paulo mainly because it so happened that both Taboo and I were separately on tour in Brazil in that period and it was the easiest place to meet up," Gaudino explained.

"Originally we wanted a studio video," he added, "but when we saw the edit, we realized that although it was great, there wasn't really any specifically Brazilian flavor." Live footage was then added from seperate shows that Gaudino and Taboo had done to add some Latin spice and showcase where the DJs really shine: in concert.

"The concert is my strongest suit. I think the thing about me as an individual outside of the Black Eyed Peas is me being a showman and being the ultimate performer when it comes to doing a song by myself... I wanted that to be represented through this video. I want people to get a sense of me outside of the Black Eyed Peas and get a sense of me as an individual artist as well," Taboo said.

Although Brazil was chosen due to Gaudino's and Taboo's touring schedules, the Latin vibes are felt throughout the clip. "It's all about the energy of the Brazilian tour," said Gaudino.

Gaudino will be playing select dates in the U.S. in September and will release his second studio album sometime in the fall. Taboo, meanwhile, will be working on his debut solo record, which he promises will be the "ultimate crossover album that has a Spanish flavor."