Devo Parts With Warner Bros., Bites Romney in New Song


May "open the vault" independently this fall, but first a song for Seamus

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For those fans craving the hair of the dog, Casale said the band had made some 40 songs for the last album and will likely release a dozen demos and "focus-group rejects" -- "Raise Your Hands" and "Throw Money at the Problem," among them -- in October.

Devo has no plans to record anytime soon, Casale explained, and without a contract, the band will independently issue its unheard material individually through iTunes and Amazon rather than on vinyl and CD. Titles under consideration for the set include "Devo Opens the Vault," "Gems from the Devo Dumpster," and "Something Else For Everybody."

The latest single will serve as the soundtrack to a mobile game also available this weekend on iTunes, "The Crate Escape (Seamus Unleashed)." The concept was the brainchild of Dogs Against Romney, an organization that inspired Casale to pen the song earlier this month.

To suggest that pets are a passion of Devo's would be an understatement -- the band have 15 dogs and cats between them.