Far East Movement Eye 'Dirty' Push in U.S.

Far East Movement Eye 'Dirty' Push in U.S.

After quiet start on home turf, former Hot 100 champs to promote "Dirty Bass" album "from the ground up"

After focusing their efforts on the European market where they toured extensively with LMFAO, Far East Movement says the plan is to push "Dirty Bass" on their U.S. home turf.

"'Live My Life' started charting out there in the U.K. so we were like, 'Let's go back out there' and 'Turn Up The Love' hit number four. Now we want to bring that momentum back to L.A. -- back to the U.S.-- and start working "Dirty Bass" out here," Kev Nish tells Billboard.

According to the Far East camp, plans for the U.S. campaign include setting up a "Dirty Bass" tour, promoting, and working their record "from the ground up." Nish says that since the U.S. promotion of "Dirty Bass" has been light, the band hasn't been able to fully grasp the album's reception from their domestic fans.

Released in June, "Dirty Bass" has sold 8,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan. It spent one week on the Billboard 200, touching down at No. 190. Lead single "Live My Life," feat. Justin Bieber reached No. 21 on the Hot 100 in its only week on the chart in March.

"So far there has been no official promotion of the album in the U.S., so we can't tell until it gets the push we've had internationally." The feedback they've been receiving from fans that have discovered it through Facebook and Twitter, however, has been "amazing" explains Nish.

The hip-hop quartet, who came out of nowhere to top the Hot 100 with "Like a G6" in October 2010, recently teamed up with DoSomething.org as part of a worldwide Turn Up the Love campaign. Nish told Billboard that Far East Movement was contacted by the organization and asked to help wrangle people to film themselves doing good deeds in their community -- "turning up the love."

"All the footage from around the world was taken and then cut into an alternative music video. It's just a great way to get people active and inspired." An official premiere is set to happen on the band's website "sometime soon."

The guys also touched on their recent influx of all-star collaborations.

"We worked with Madonna on a remix of 'Turn Up The Radio' and we'll be releasing our song with Flo Rida called 'Change Your Life' soon," explains Nish.

The group hinted that there are additional projects in the works, including a possible new collaboration with UK rapper, Wiley. "We've been talking about it and our crew is excited to link up." Nish promised additional information would be unfolding soon. "We're just waiting until we finish the songs before we announce. We'd hate to announce them and have them not go through," he joked.