Eddie Van Halen Has Emergency Surgery

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Like father, like son. Bassist Wolfgang Van Halen grew up to be in a band with his guitarist dad, Eddie Van Halen. Conveniently, that band is named... Van Halen.

Guitar icon has 'severe' digestive system disease, should recover in 4-6 months

Eddie Van Halen has undergone emergency surgery for a digestive disease and is canceling his tour in Japan to recover.

His representative said Thursday that the guitarist had a "severe bout of diverticulitis," a painful condition that involves the formation of pouches on the outside of the colon. He is expected to recover in four to six months.

The rep added that the 57-year-old will not require more surgeries to treat the disease.

The musician had plans to tour Japan in November and will reschedule the dates for next year.

Van Halen is best known for hits including "Jump," "Why Can't This Be Love" and "When It's Love." The group released a new album, "A Different Kind of Truth," in February.

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