Nelly Furtado Q&A: On Her 'Indestructible' Reinvention

September 12: Nelly Furtado arrives for a private concert at the Umspannwerk in Berlin, Germany.

Canadian pop singer

How does it feel to finally release this album?

I'm super excited. I really want to share this music with people. It's nice to let it out of the box, but at the same time the pressure ends and suddenly it becomes everyone else's [laughs]. It's kind of hard sometimes. It's like if people maybe don't like it, but usually there's people who like it - so that's good. I mean, I think the good part is that I've been at this long enough where I realize there's up and downs and now realizing that not everything is about record sales, especially since the song 'Powerless' was on "Folklore," which is an album of mine which sold the least, but allegedly connected the most with certain fans. Now I have perspective at this point in my career.

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"Big Hoops," the first song heard off the album, came out in the spring. Describe what it felt like to hear it on the radio for the first time.

I got really excited. I was just kind of in shock to be honest. It's weird when you hear [your] songs in the studio so many times over and over again. You're dancing away or you can make it as loud as you want, and then all of a sudden you're in a car and it comes on the radio. First of all, it does sound different when it's on the radio because there's a different compression they use; and second of all, it's wildly exciting and, third of all, is that I always go, 'What's my music doing on the radio?' because I feel like my music is not always a natural fit for the radio. They're a little bit odd at times -starting with my first single, 'I'm Like A Bird,' not everyone wanted to play it right away [laughs].