Lana Del Rey Releases 'Ride' Single From 'Born To Die' Deluxe Edition

Lana Del Rey Releases 'Ride' Single From 'Born To Die' Deluxe Edition

Lana Del Rey is re-releasing her debut album "Born To Die" as "Born To Die - The Paradise Edition" on Nov. 13, and the first of eight (!) new tracks, "Ride," made its way online on Tuesday (Sept. 25).

"Ride" is a long, dreamy ballad that swells into full view during the chorus, when the singer declares, "Been trying' hard not to get into trouble/But I, I've got a war in my mind… so I just ride." The track was produced by Rick Rubin and written by Del Rey and Justin Parker, who collaborated on the "Born To Die" title track and breakout hit "Video Games."

"The Paradise Edition," which is available for pre-order now, features eight new tracks with titles like "American," "Yayo" and "Body Electric." In a video trailer previewing the special edition, Lana Del Rey sings, "My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola/My eyes are wide like cherry pie," on the song "Cola."

"Born To Die" will be re-released with the "Paradise Edition" as a stand-alone CD or vinyl, as well as a double album containing 23 tracks of new and old material. A fancy deluxe box set will also include a remix album and video DVD, among other goodies.

Here is the track list for "Born To Die - The Paradise Edition":

1) Born To Die
2) Off To The Races
3) Blue Jeans
4) Video Games
5) Diet Mountain Dew
6) National Anthem
7) Dark Paradise
8) Radio
9) Carmen
10) Million Dollar Man
11) Summertime Sadness
12) This Is What Makes Us Girls
13) Without You
14) Lolita
15) Lucky Ones
1) Ride
2) American
3) Cola
4) Body Electric
5) Blue Velvet
6) Gods and Monsters
7) Yayo
8) Bel Air