Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie Talk 'Twins' Tour, 'Born Villain' Special Edition

Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie Talk 'Twins' Tour, 'Born Villain' Special Edition

As he hits the road with Rob Zombie for their Twins Of Evil Tour, Marilyn Manson is preparing to release a little more villainous music to the world. Manson tells that he plans to release a "special edition" of his latest album "Born Villain" this fall, probably "shortly before the holiday," which will have two and possibly three additional songs as well as special packaging.

"They're not just acoustic versions or demos or stuff like that," Manson says. "They're really good songs that were going to go on the album but I didn't want the album to be too long. I knew there would be the opportunity to use them for something."

Manson says the deluxe edition will also include additional artwork and "have a lot of things in it. There's gonna be a book and stuff like that."

"Born Villain" came out in May and debuted at No. 10 on the Billboard 200, spawning the singles "No Reflection" and "Slo-Mo-Tion."

"I've enjoyed watching the album come to life and seeing what people relate to," Manson says. "I think it sounds as raw as I wanted it to. I've found myself being drawn back to making more punch to my statements in music. It has to do with it being an election year and...the challenge of discussing religion and politics and being strong without preaching. I'm back to not thinking that it matters to get your heart set on hoping to change the world or the economy or life or the United States of America or anything like that; I'm more into changing one person's mind. If I see someone smile or get angry or take their shirt off or try to stab me, then I know I made an effect -- not that I want things to happen in that order."

As for the Twins Of Evil tour, Manson says he and Zombie are "a good match because he does the comic book/slasher element of horror or whatever you might call our cinematic sort of view of music, and I handle the more psychological and political. He might be more 'Halloween,' the movie; I'm more of 'The Manchurian Candidate' or 'Rosemary's Baby' - two different outlooks on things."

Manson also promises a "bombastic" show and says he's feeling a little competitive about the double billing. "Yeah, (Zombie) has a challenge ahead of him," Manson cracks. Zombie, meanwhile, is also looking forward to the trek, which rolls through the U.S. until Halloween night, before heading overseas for a 13-show run in the U.K. and Europe during November and December.

"It's just an obvious tour," he notes. "I'm surprised we haven't done it before, but we hadn't. I think it's gonna be great. I love touring with people where you feel like the acts are different, but at some level the crowds are the same in a way because it really feels good...I did a couple of tours with Alice Cooper. We did these tours together, and it was just a great vibe. The fans didn't seem at war with each other. Sometimes you tour with other bands and it's an awkward match. But this seems like it'll be great, a really great evening."

Zombie released a remix album, "Mondo Sex Head," in August and is working on a new album he calls "the best I've ever done." He's also wrapped filming on his latest horror film, "Lords of Salem," and after the tour will start work on a documentary about the Philadelphia Flyers' Broad Street Bullies hockey teams of the 1970s. Manson, meanwhile, also plans to keep making videos for "Born Villain" songs. "Slo-Mo-Tion" is the latest, and he promises visual versions of "Pistol Whipped" and "Hey Cruel World" are "on the way."

Meanwhile, Manson says he's "just started talking to my friends who are actors and directors" about a variety of projects he hopes to hone in on soon.

"Everyone wants to be involved with what can hopefully be a movement that is exciting," he explains. "I want to bring back the heyday of Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, when people did things because they wanted to, because it's cool and fun. I like to collaborate with people I like to work with and make it up as we go along."

Among his hoped-for endeavors, Manson says, is a return to the long-awaited film "Phantasmagoria: The Visions of Lewis Carroll," which he began working on in 2004 with co-writer Anthony Silva.