Bruno Mars Gets 'Locked Out of Heaven' in New Video: Watch

Bruno Mars Gets 'Locked Out of Heaven' in New Video: Watch

Bruno Mars Gets 'Locked Out of Heaven' in New Video: Watch

The new music video for Bruno Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven" (released today, Oct 15) shows just how much of a party his single can be.

The video has a pretension-free vibe to it, as per everything Bruno Mars. Wearing just a t-shirt and chains, the singer rocks out with his band (who are decidedly styled down as well) to his newest tune. The venue and the audience look small and intimate; one gets the feeling that Mars isn't so much playing a concert, as he jumped on stage at a party with friends and they all just went nuts.

When not working up a sweat, the pop crooner is just being an everyday man, horsing around with friends, rolling dice in the alley and taking swigs of his Jack Daniels.

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Everything about "Locked Out Of Heaven" -- whether it be the video or the track itself - is retro. While the song references the early discography of the Police, the video takes us back a little bit further. From the style of their dress and the wonky-TV effects on the video, one might guess that Bruno and his friends are partying in the '70s. Only the Akai MPC sampler being played by a band member reminds the viewer that this video is, in fact, modern.

"Locked Out Of Heaven" previews Mars' sophomore set, "Unorthodox Jukebox," due Dec. 11 via Atlantic. The Mark Ronson and The Smeezingtons (Mars' production group)-produced single premiered on October 1. This week, the song debuts on the Hot 100 at number 34.

Coincidentally, Christina Aguilera's new single "Your Body" (off the upcoming "Lotus") debuted at the same spot, only to drop to number 64 in its following week. Hopefully the same fate is not in store for Bruno Mars' latest.