A Fine Frenzy's 'Pines' Track By Track: Video

A Fine Frenzy's 'Pines' Track By Track: Video

A Fine Frenzy's third studio album, "Pines," debuted October 9 on Virgin Records. Watch below as singer-songwriter (and sole Frenzy member) Alison Sudol discusses each song on the new album in her track-by-track video.

"'Pines' is a different kind of album for me," Sudol said of her latest debut. "It was a different approach, everything about it, I just went at it as if I had never made a record before basically."

PINES - A FINE FRENZY The 13-song album opens with "Pinesong," and features tracks like "The Sighting," "Dream in the Dark" and "Untitled (Grasses Grow)." "There was a really strong desire that I had to take the listener on a journey," Sudol explained. "So the whole thing is a fable from top to bottom."

"Pines" follows two previous releases -- 2009's "Bomb in a Birdcage" and 2007's "One Cell in the Sea" -- and a live album by the 27-year-old musician behind A Fine Frenzy.

On this record, "I really took the time to think about what I wanted to say and what I wanted to communicate and overall what I wanted to do as the record instead of just writing a bunch of songs and then sort of finding a way to string them all together," said Sudol.

The album's first single, "Now Is the Start," is the penultimate track on the record. It's also the most upbeat. "Initially 'It's Alive' was kind of the peak of the record," Sudol said of the album's eleventh song. "It was kind of the big moment -- and yet that song is a little bit laidback. And I wanted there to be just an explosive, happy moment on the record." That's where "Now Is the Start" came in, she explained.

A Fine Frenzy is on tour in the U.S. and Canada through the fall, wrapping Nov. 16 with a show in Los Angeles.

Reporting by Lisa Binkert, N.Y.