Beyonce's Super Bowl Setlist Poll: Vote Now!

Beyonce's Super Bowl Setlist Poll: Vote Now!

Choose the five songs you think Queen B should perform at the Super Bowl halftime show in February.

On Tuesday (Oct. 16), Beyonce officially revealed that she'll be rocking the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show, following in Madonna's footsteps by taking the world's biggest stage on Feb. 3, 2013. Queen B's show-stopping performance at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans is well over three months away, but we're already wondering -- what will she wear? How will her stage show top Madonna's spectacular set-up? And, of course, what songs will Beyonce play?

Unlike most superstar artists, Beyonce has both a wealth of solo material to draw upon, as well as smash singles from her days as a member of a group. Will she perform Destiny's Child songs during her Super show -- or even, dare we dream, reunite the trio for her biggest performance to date? As for the four albums' worth of solo songs, will Beyonce veer toward the ballads like "1+1" and "If I Were a Boy," or go full-throttle for the "Single Ladies"? Can we expect a "Countdown," a "Party," and maybe even a little bit of "Deja Vu"? With time to play only five songs or so, Bey will have to be choosy.

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Fans will have to wait until February 3 to find out which songs Beyonce selects for the Super Bowl, but until then, vote for the songs you think the singer should play during the halftime show. Choose five songs in total out of the list below -- or, if your favorite Beyonce or Destiny's Child tune isn't on there, write in your own choice. Defend your choices to fellow Beyonce fanatics in the comments section below, and next week, the top vote-getters will be revealed on

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