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Alanis Morissette Takes Rap, Works With Husband Souleye

Alanis Morissette Takes Rap, Works With Husband Souleye

Grammy winner co-wrote a handful of songs on his upcoming album, but doesn't rap: "F--ck no! I am as white as it gets"

If you catch Alanis Morissette on her current tour promoting new album "Havoc and Bright Lights," you may notice a certain chemistry between the singer and opening act Souleye. That might be because the two are married and happily traveling the country with their son, Ever.

"He runs to go on stage when Souleye takes the stage," she told Billboard recently of her 1 1/2-year-old son. "I'm literally pulling him back like 'no no no no no.' I'm on the side of the stage when Souleye plays, attempting to restrain him from running out."

Morissette told us she just completed some "dream come true action" when she wrote a handful of songs on her husband's forthcoming record.

"I've been wanting to collaborate with a rap artist for a long time but as you can imagine, with the bitches and hos orientation, it wasn't really an appropriate match. When I first met Souleye, I was a really big fan -- like super crushed out -- and I had no thought that we'd be able to even date. Writing songs with him has been amazing."

According to Morissette, Souleye's album, titled "Iron Horse Running," will be released soon. The rapper is performing several of the couple's joint tracks before her set throughout the tour.

"We wrote about five songs together. There's a song called 'Ego' that he's performing on the tour. There's a song called 'Whatever Nice is,' and another one titled 'Brother Where,'" says Morissette. The singer describes her significant other's work as being "really autobiographical, super stream of consciousness kind of half ascension, half hip-hop, half rap world."

"I'm really excited about the project!" exclaimed Morissette, noting that she did not in fact rap on the album. "F--ck no! I am as white as it gets. It would be really awful. I'm so not a rapper!"