Lemmy on New Motorhead Album, Band's 40th Anniversary

Lemmy on New Motorhead Album, Band's 40th Anniversary

Lemmy on New Motorhead Album, Band's 40th Anniversary

The Motorhead crew plans to rev up for its next album in early 2013.

"We're gonna start in the new year, go into the studio in January," frontman and iconic mainstay Lemmy Kilmister tells Billboard. It will be the group's first set of new material since "The World is Yours" in 2010, which marked the debut of the trio's own Motorhead Music label. "We'll go into the rehearsal room about a month before the album and just band stuff out."

Cameron Webb, who produced "The World is Yours" and who Lemmy pronounces "excellent," will return to helm the next effort.

Meanwhile, Motorhead is sating fans with "The World Is Ours -- Vol. 2: Anyplace Crazy As Anywhere Else," a live package that features 2011 concerts at the Wacken Open Air Festival, the Sonisphere Festival and Rock in Rio on both CD and DVD. The package hit No. 1 on the German charts as well as with Amazon.com in the U.K. and came out this week in the U.S.

"We're a live band first and foremost," Lemmy says. "It's louder, you know, and there's more people there. It's a different thing than being in the studio. We recorded seven (shows) altogether; the first volume (2011's "Everywhere Further Than Everyplace Else") had three of them, the second one has three of them and there's one we haven't used yet -- probably a duff one!"

This year does mark the 35th anniversary of Motorhead's debut album, but the group has eschewed any sort of celebration over that. Instead, Lemmy says, Motorhead is looking forward to the 40th anniversary of the band's formation in 2015, though no firm plans have been made yet.

"We'll probably all stand in a line and let our heads explode," he quips. "We'll think of something; we always do -- probably involving naked women or something. But we've been lucky; we've been around so long people realize they can't get us to go away, so they've just decided to join us. You might not like what we do, but we do what we do very well. We're not killing ourselves. We don't get into the studio and say, 'Let's write a hit single!' We've never been one of those bands. We really don't care if everybody likes it; if people like it, to us it's a bonus."