Peter Frampton To Unveil New Music in Ballet Project

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Rock veteran says he's "scared stiff" of his collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet.

Peter Frampton isn't thinking about renaming his song "Do You Feel Like Tutu," but he is fired up for his collaboration with the Cincinnati Ballet that takes place next spring.

Frampton will provide music for the production, which will be performed three times on April 26-27 at the city's Aronoff Center for the Arts. Two of the show's segments will be choreographed to existing Frampton songs -- with Frampton and his band playing live -- while a third section will feature a new piece of music he's composing with regular collaborator Gordon Kennedy.

"We've been working on this for the last month, and we're about three-quarters of the way through the 20 minutes," Frampton tells Billboard. "I love dance. I love ballet. All my girls went through that, so, yeah, I'm very excited about it."

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Frampton also acknowledges that he's "scared stiff" about the ballet project -- but in a good way. "I like things to scare me a little," he says. "It's always good to do stuff that just push the envelope for you. I'm just looking to stretch myself. It's on my way to film music, hopefully, one day when I don't want to go on tour -- but I still want to. I still have that passion."

Frampton says the Cincinnati performances will be filmed, and there's some talk that it may be performed by other ballet companies in the future. Meanwhile, he's thinking about putting the new music out as an EP in the spring, which may be a model for his future releases as well. "I don't know whether 'album' is a word we can use anymore," he notes. "I think the next thing I do will probably be something like an EP -- four, five, six tracks that will come out right before we go on tour next spring. That seems to be the way to do it now, rather than taking a long time and making a full album."

Frampton does have a full album, and then some, coming soon, however. On Nov. 13 he releases "FCA! 35 Tour: An Evening with Peter Frampton" as both a double DVD/Blu-ray culled from his "Frampton Comes Alive!" tour shows in Milwaukee and New York City, as well as a triple-CD that includes his performance of the album in its entirety as well as other songs from throughout Frampton's career. For the latter, Frampton went through recordings of all 116 shows he did during 2011-20012, which he says was no easy feat.

"We had about 38 (shows) we felt were good or great," Frampton explains. "I started there...and there were a couple of the highlighted ones that I wasn't feeling, so I started to go where no man has gone before, into the entire 116. It was a lengthy process, but I'm so thrilled I did it. I really am. That's just me; I can't leave a stone unturned. I felt, 'If I just listen to one more night of 'All I Wanna Be,' I'll find the one that I really think is something special.' I've done that before on various live things I've done, and it seems to work for me, so why not?"


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