Blush: 'Electric' Music Video Premiere

Blush: 'Electric' Music Video Premiere

With a string of Billboard dance hits, the ladies of Blush are on their way to earning plenty of North American fans -- including Justin Bieber and the Black Eyed Peas, whom the pan-Asian pop group opened for last year. Now the five voices from five different countries that make up Blush -- South Korea's Ji Hae, India's Alisha, Japan's Natsuko (a.k.a. "Nacho"), China's Victoria and the Philippines' Angeli -- have a brand new video for new single "Electric" which Billboard exclusively premieres right here in the video player above.

With the "Electric" clip, Blush proudly shows off something they've done for the first time: an anime-styled video. "It's totally different from everything we've done before. It looks totally different because we're in anime and I don't think they've seen us like that before," says Victoria. "'Electric' is very girly-girl. Its talking about a guy giving you butterflies and it matches up really well with an anime video. It's kind of this fantasy world so you see Blush as these anime cartoon characters. You see how the lyrics come to life," she says of the clip that portrays the Blush ladies as superwomen helping two robot teddy bears fall in love.

The nod to anime follows other popular acts who have done similar styling including Britney Spears ("Break The Ice"), Daft Punk ("One More Time"), and Linkin Park ("Breaking The Habit")

With the waterfall of poppy synthesizers and catchy harmonies on "Electric," Blush vies for another successful single on Billboard's Dance/Club chart. The group has already racked up three hits on the chart with "All Stars" (No. 14), "Undivided" featuring Snoop Dogg (No. 3), and going to No. 1 with "Dance On." Not to mention a hit on the Kid Digital Songs chart with "Up Up and Away."

The ladies see their chart success as a way to spread their message of "borderless music," says Victoria. "To know that our music is getting out there to everyone and sharing our message[s] of unity and just coming together, fun, loveā€¦ It doesn't matter where you're from, walk of life, what you believe in, we can all just come together, have fun and enjoy what we love, which is music."

"And dancing of course!" add the rest of the members almost simultaneously.

Blush has an exciting slate of projects in its near future, including a new Christmas track as well as a full-length album looking to be released in the first quarter of 2013. Blush see now as the perfect time for a full-on focus on America given the success of PSY and other Asian acts.

"Definitely, PSY has opened the doors for Asia to really come into the spotlight," says Blush, who are also big fans of K-pop quartet 2NE1 (who had their own animated video with "Hate You" last summer) whom they hope to collaborate with one day. "It's great to see other artists from Asia making it big here. It just means that we're reaching out to a wider audience and hopefully it will mean opportunities for other Asian artists, like ourselves, to break out here and reach more fans."

Despite their different backgrounds, Felicia summarizes why a pan-Asian group appeals to Americans too. "Even though we come from five countries, we don't really only speak to our five cultures," she says. "We try to have an international mindset." Case and point: the group has learned to play taiko drums while in Japan and incorporated a Balinese dance for an Indonesian performance.

Still Blush take pride as being a rare role model for Asians in the U.S., "I don't think are a lot of role models for Asian girls; there are a few and it's great to see more with K-pop really coming over to the U.S.," says Victoria. "We're just really looking forward to being role models for girls who might see their own ethnicity represented out there in the international field. So we're just really excited to be able to stand up for that and those girls and guys out there."

"We want to say a big, big thank you from the bottom of our hearts to allow us to share what we love and what we do. Our passion every day is [for] everyone out there. We want to continue to inspire everyone," wraps up the group. "So keep Blushing!"