Nicki Minaj on Possible Reality Show: 'I'll See How Overwhelming It Is'

Nicki Minaj on Possible Reality Show: 'I'll See How Overwhelming It Is'

The first of three Nicki Minaj specials premiered Nov. 4 on E!, beginning a countdown to the Nov. 17 release of "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded The Re-Up." Minaj and her publicists won't address anything related to her work on "American Idol" and any of its alleged drama at the judges' table, nor will they indicate the role "Idol" will play in the next two episodes airing Nov. 11 and 18.

Minaj, who is in the U.K. on her Roman Reloaded European Tour, said the second episode is still being edited and the third is not finished, though she is certain fans will see her tour designed "from scratch," some footage with Lil Wayne and, finally, performance scenes from the current tour.

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"I think overall, it's about overcoming everything when you're trying to get something done and how hard it is to balance everything," she says, encapsulating the vision for the show, "I was beginning 'American Idol,' preparing the tour, doing video shoots. It should be called Multi-Tasking At Its Finest."

One element that will not be included in the specials is anything about her fashion line, which is expected to debut next year. Minaj says that launch would be part of a reality series, which she is not sure she is comfortable doing.

"I'll see how overwhelming it is," she says. "If I feel like it's too personal, people discussing too much, I won't do it."

One visual Minaj is promising, however, is a concert DVD shot during the current tour, which received a few rave reviews when it stopped in London last week.

The "American Idol" schedule will keep her busy through the spring, so "the earliest is summertime of 2013 (for an American tour). It's obviously expensive and I really want fans to see it."