Kill the Noise's 'Black Magic': More Choir, Less Dubstep

Kill the Noise's 'Black Magic': More Choir, Less Dubstep

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Jake Stanczak, aka Kill The Noise, packed the Earstorm stage at Saturday's Hard Day of The Dead event in Los Angeles. Among the thousands of fans spotted rocking out to his set was Skrillex, Stanczak's close friend. Stanczak will be releasing his latest Kill The Noise EP, "Black Magic," on Tuesday on OWSLA. Following his set at HARD, he gave us a rundown on what we should expect from the new album.

"A lot more musicality," Stanczak told Billboard about the album. "I spent a lot of time trying to do things at different tempos. Our last EP was mostly dubstep and a little bit of electrohouse and all that. This record is a little less dubstep and a little more different genres and a lot more musical. There's a complete piano ballad at the end of it and I set out to explore more of my musical ability, showcasing that skill."

"Black Magic" will feature seven songs, several of which involve collaborations. "I tried to do a lot of different things on there. I actually worked with a choir called the Sunday Night Singers. I drove up north with a buddy of mine and a bunch of mics and recorded with these guys. We had the full choir singing the intro. I wrote it all out and worked with the director. Another track on the EP features Feed Me, a UK artist on Deadmau5's label Mau5trap and I did a collaboration with an up and comer from LA, Brillz."

The title track to the EP, "Black Magic (Kill The Noise Pt 2), above," is set to be the record's first priority.

"This is kind of the big tune that we are going to push and do a big video for it," he said. "We'll be working with this guy, Lee Hardcastle, and it's going to be a claymation."

Being a child that grew up in the 80's, Stanczak says that having the chance to make music videos that play on mediums like MTV is one of his favorite parts about the musical process. While he's leaving the production up to the professionals, Stanczak is hoping to make a cameo somewhere in his video.

"I've realized that the way to get the best result is to allow the directors to follow their vision," he said. "There are a few things I want in there though. In the last video I was a zombie that got my head blown off. In this one, I'm going to try to lobby to get a claymation version of myself in there -- even if it's way in the background."

In addition to promoting "Black Magic," Kill The Noise will fulfill one of his "life goals" next year by performing at his first Coachella. "The record comes out this Tuesday and then I'll have maybe a week of feeling good about myself and then will get back to work and try to figure out what we're going to do for Coachella."