Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat Add Song to Nicholas Sparks' 'Safe Haven'

Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat Add Song to Nicholas Sparks' 'Safe Haven'

Gavin DeGraw & Colbie Caillat Add Song to Nicholas Sparks' 'Safe Haven'

"It's going to be a real nose blower," DeGraw says of "We Both Know"

Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Caillat used downtime on their recent tour to co-write a new single together. The song, titled "We Both Know," is set to appear in the upcoming Nicholas Sparks film, "Safe Haven," which will hit theaters on Valentine's Day. The latest in the Sparks saga stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough and is said to be a tearjerker just like its predecessors, "Dear John" and "The Notebook."

The pair wrote the song, their first time collaborating, on a bus ride to Nashville. "It was an overnight drive on the bus and it all just kind of happened. It was awesome. It was magical, it was [sings] this magic moment," exclaimed DeGraw.

DeGraw told Billboard that the tune is set to appear at the end of the movie and assures us that it will make people cry. "It's going to be a real nose blower," he joked. He also revealed that he runs all of his potential new songs by "the hardest critic that there is" -- his brother Joey DeGraw. "I have to play everything for him. He is brutally honest. I played the song and he pointed at the phone and he goes, "That's a fucking great song." And then he said this word, "Ringtones, ringtones."

"I can see that," says Caillat. "I think the song is going to be the ringtone that people choose for the person that they are in love with."

DeGraw added that the song and film are a "match made in heaven, artistically."

Currently in the studio wrapping up his latest album, DeGraw would like the song to appear on his future release. "I want it on my next album too," says Caillat. "It would have to say 'Colbie featuring Gavin,' though." DeGraw smirked and said they'd have to arm wrestle it out but noted that he wouldn't be opposed to the song appearing on both albums. "I really think this song deserves it."

As far as future DeGraw/Caillat collaborations, DeGraw says he's down. "I'd like to record with her as often as possible. I think we have a real Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers thing going on for this generation. We have a really special chemistry and you can really hear it on this song."

Caillat mentioned that she'd like to sing the song with DeGraw at next year's Grammy's. "That's what we should do!" he seconded.