3 Doors Down 'On Fire' Over 'Time of My Life' Album

3 Doors Down

3 Doors Down frontman Brad Arnold is expecting big things for his band's fifth album, "Time of My Life," when it comes out on April 12.

"I can't tell you how much confidence I have in it," Arnold tells Billboard.com. "There's a lot of songs on there that I think will appeal to a lot of people. And everybody's on fire; our label's excited about it, we're excited about it and I really think this record has a chance to take us from here up to here."

Arnold says the 12-song follow-up to 2008's chart-topping "3 Doors Down," which the group recorded with producer Howard Benson in Los Angeles, reminds him of the group's six-times platinum 2000 debut, "The Better Life." "It's a bit like our firt record, only much more modern and with a lot more confidence," he explains. "We're going into our 11th year of being a signed band, so we've had the experience of being out there. It's a lot more updated."

3 Doors Down wrote material for "Time of My Life" in two shifts, according to Arnold -- half at his home in Nashville and the rest in Los Angeles, working with co-writers such as Marti Frederiksen, the Nixons' Zac Maloy and Bobby Huff. Frederiksen collaborated on the album's first single, "When You're Young," which Arnold describes as "almost a mockery of how easy people think it is to be young. Young people always hear, 'This is the greatest time of your life...,' but it's not always that way, y'know?"

Arnold says the album is generally uptempo and rocking, with "not a lot of the lovey dovey stuff this time," and other key tracks include "Every Time You Go," "She Is Love" and the album-closing "Believer," which he calls "a punk rock song, almost like a 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' song or something. It's just a rocker."

3 Doors Down is currently formulating tour plans to support "Time of My Life." No dates have been set yet, although the group will perform on Jan. 28 at the Raleigh (N.C.) Amphitheater as part of the festivities surrounding the NHL All-Star Game. "I like going to games, even though I don't know exactly what's going on and I don't have a favorite team or anything," Arnold notes. "But I do like going and watching because they don't rest much. They keep it going."

As for the tour, he expects that "at the beginning of April we're going to head over to Europe and tour over there a little bit, just to get our feet under us and get warmed up and then come back to the States and hit it hard this summer."