Peter Bjorn and John: 2011 Album Preview

Peter Bjorn & John Rejoin The 'Living'

Peter Bjorn & John

"Gimme Some"

March 29

Swedish trio Peter (Morén), Bjorn (Yttling) & John (Eriksson) rose to indie-pop prominence with their 2006 release "Writer's Block," propelled by the strength of the infectious dancefloor ditty "Young Folks." Since then, the band has taken a more experimental approach to their albums, with 2008's instrumental "Seaside Rock" and 2009's challenging and minimal "Living Thing." But PB&J return with the vibrant power-pop panache that made them famous on "Gimme Some." For the first time, the band got help from an outside producer (Per Sunding, from '90's trio Eggstone) and emerged from the studio with an upbeat and ultra-catchy offering that's truly a return to form. Keep your ears peeled for punky barnburners like "Breaker Breaker" and "Black Book," and groovy guitar rockers "Dig a Little Deeper" and "Eyes."

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