Ex-Paramore Guitarist Josh Farro Forms New Band

Josh Farro may have only left Paramore in mid-December, but the guitarist has already become a full-time member of a new band. According to MTV, Farro has formed the group Novel American with singer Van Beasley, drummer Tyler Ward and bassist Ryan Clark, and the band is planning to record a debut EP.

Farro says that he reconnected with his three new band mates after high school but was unsure about joining another band. "But I called the guys, we got together, we wrote and we jammed, and it was great, so we decided, 'Let's do another band,'" he says. "And, honestly, I had some ideas that just didn't fit with Paramore, and I said, 'Guys, we can try these,' and they just loved them, and so that's really how it all started."

Paramore Speaks Out: 'We're Not Going Anywhere'

Farro and his brother, drummer Zac Farro, announced their departure from Paramore on Dec. 18, and soon after he issued a blog post claiming that the band's management and label had favored singer Hayley Williams while keeping the other band members "in the dark the whole time." The remaining members of Paramore -- Williams, guitarist Taylor York and bassist Jeremy Davis -- have since recruited guitarist Justin York and drummer Josh Freese as temporary replacements for their South American tour, which kicks off Feb. 16.

While Farro believes that he and Paramore still "disagree on a lot of things," he says that he is happy to move on from the controversial split and focus on Novel American, who hope to "play a few shows around town" in the near future.

"I think 'liberating' is a great description of how I've felt over the past month," says Farro. "Coming from Paramore, I didn't think that I would want to be in a band or want to have anything to do with it, and so, when I actually found that passion and love for music again, I was like, 'Wow, this is great.'"