29 Black Music Milestones: Missy Elliott Becomes Biggest Selling Female

Missy Elliott knows how to "work it," and does just that at the Exit Festival on Jul. 10 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

For her fourth studio album, 2002's "Under Construction," Missy Elliott and longtime producer Timbaland made an album that was full of old school rap and funk samples and the formula paid off.

Single "Work It," which took inspiration from Run DMC's "Peter Piper," was such a fan favorite that it became Elliott's second biggest-selling hit to date.

With the success of "Work It" combined with that of the Ludacris-assisted track "Gossip Folks," which got lots of traffic on music video channels and was embraced by the dance community -- mainly due to a Fatboy Slim remix -- "Under Construction" went on to become the best-selling female rap set ever with 2.1 million copies sold in the United States.

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