'Born This Way' 'Complete' and 'Unbelievable,' Says Gaga Producer RedOne

While we anxiously await the arrival of Lady Gaga's album "Born This Way," out May 23, more and more information about the record continues to trickle out. During the busy Grammy weekend, Billboard caught up with another one of the album's producers and songwriters, RedOne, who called the "Born This Way" "unbelievable" and full of "a lot of good songs."

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RedOne, who could take home the Grammy for (non-classical) producer of the year tonight, told Billboard.com that "Born This Way" is complete. Additionally, the "Poker Face" and "Bad Romance" collaborator described his relationship with Gaga as "magic."

"Our schedule has been crazy, so I've hard to try to follow her everywhere," RedOne said in video interview with Billboard (featured above). "It's been a beautiful process. She's busy, I'm busy, but we did the best we could."

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Meanwhile, DJ White Shadow, a producer on the album, told Billboard several weeks ago that "Born This Way" is "much more complex" than Gaga's past work.

What do you think? Based on first single "Born This Way," which premiered Friday morning, what are you expecting from Gaga's latest album? Tell us in the comments below!