Korn's Jonathan Davis To Release EP as J Devil

Korn's Jonathan Davis To Release EP as J Devil

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is prepping a new electronic EP under his DJ alter ego, J Devil.

Davis is no stranger to electronic music -- last year Korn collaborated with dubstep guru Skrillex, as well as artists like Excision and Noisia, on the band's album "The Path to Totality" -- but the singer tells Rolling Stone that he treats metal and electro as two separate beasts.

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"I love DJing, and I love rocking out," Davis says. "It's fun going from DJing electro and heavy dustup to Korn. It's therapy for me."

Though Korn has worked so closely with Skrillex in the past, Davis assures that the EP will have little of his influence. "I love what he does, but I think the only influence I took was mashing up different kinds of genres of music," the frontman said, "It doesn't really sound anything like him."

The currently untitled EP is step to drop later this year on Dim Mak Records.

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