Exclusive: Justin Bieber 'Never Say Never' Expanded Version Hitting Theaters Mar. 4

A second version of Justin Bieber's 3D movie is scheduled to be released in theaters on Mar. 4 that will include 20 pieces of music not in the current edition of "Never Say Never," sources tell Billboard.

Following the path of his "My World" album, the film will be titled "Never Say Never 2.0." The new scenes are expected to make the viewing experience different enough for fans to want to see both.

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Some of the edits were based on comments received after test screenings of the film in December. Paramount is expected to announce the "2.0" film closer to its release date and is likely to emphasize the idea that the new version is a response to fans' comments.

The film was released faster than most titles to catch "Bieber fever" at its apex. The novel idea of returning with a new version could stem from the issue of steeply declining box office results that films targeted to tweens often experience. "Hannah Montana: the Movie," for example, grossed $43.5 million in its opening week in April 2009, according to Box Office Mojo, but took in only $4.9 million four weeks later. Similarly, "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus:Best of Both Worlds Concert" grossed $31.1 million on its opening weekend and grossed only $1.9 million in its fourth week.

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The DVD of the "Never Say Never" film will be released in August, timed for back-to-school sales. Released Friday, the Paramount Pictures release grossed $29.5 million over the weekend. A special screening on Wednesday pulled in $740,000 to bring its total box office to $30.2 million.