Lil Kim Beheads Nicki Minaj on Bloody 'Black Friday' Mixtape Cover

After a slew of disparaging comments and diss tracks, Lil Kim has escalated her feud with Nicki Minaj with the violent album artwork of her new mixtape, "Black Friday."

The cover shows a cartoon body with a missing head in the background -- it seems to be wearing a dress similar to the ones Minaj wears in her press photos. In the foreground is a pink wig floating in a pool of blood, and Lil Kim is posing above it, sporting some shades and holding a samurai sword as streams of blood are shown behind her.

The "Black Friday" art is Lil Kim's latest attempt to provoke Minaj, whose debut album, "Pink Friday," sat atop the Billboard 200 chart last week. On a New Year's Eve broadcast, Kim ranted, "I'm not playing with this bitch for 2011. I'm saying, we can rock together but bitch you ain't taking nothing from me!"