A Justin Bieber Birthday Card, from Billboard.com

A Justin Bieber Birthday Card, from Billboard.com

As Justin Bieber celebrates his 17th birthday on Mar. 1, Billboard.com takes a moment to look back at the pop star's unbelievable 16th year.


Dear Justin Bieber,

What a year it's been, Justin! Not many people have released a best-selling album and 3D movie in the last 365 days, but even fewer people have also released a memoir, scented accessories and nail polish.

Justin Bieber: The Billboard Cover Story

Your 16th year may have been the one in which the world caught Bieber Fever, but you first infected Billboard.com with your irresistible pop stylings when you were 15 years old. In August 2009, you introduced yourself with your breakout single, "One Time," and talked about how you "still just a regular kid," even as you were becoming a YouTube sensation. Check it out here:

And when you came to Billboard in 2009, you were so happy to play tunes for us, you even did a couple of covers: Kanye West's "Heartless" and Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me A River."

As much as we will always cherish the memories of you as a precocious young teen with an acoustic guitar on your knee, your deepening voice, super-cool new haircut and recent pictures with Selena Gomez remind us that you sure are growing up quickly. Before you blow out the candles and make your 17th year your biggest yet, try to remain the "regular kid" we know and love -- and please, no matter what, never say never.

Hugs and Biebers,