Christina Aguilera's Mugshot Leaks

March 1 - Singer Christina Aguilera was arrested and charged with public intoxication after her boyfriend, Matthew Rutler, was charged with drunk driving in Los Angeles.

C hristina Aguilera's mugshot has surfaced online, to the chagrin of the Los Angeles Police Department, after the singer and her boyfriend Matthew Rutler were arrested Tuesday for public intoxication and driving under the influence of alcohol, respectively.

In a photo of the mugshot obtained by E! News, Aguilera appears with hair down and a sullen expression on her face.

Christina Aguilera Arrested for Public Intoxication

In a press conference on Tuesday, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department spokesperson Steve Whitmore had said that Aguilera's official mugshot would not be released to the public because charges were not being pressed by the singer. E! explained in its posting of the mugshot, however, that "sometimes a camera is just in the right place at the right time."

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After Aguilera's mugshot leaked, Whitmore said the outlet had "surreptitiously stolen" the photo and deemed the act "inexcusable." A spokesperson for E! has since countered that the "footage, which included a picture of Christina Aguilera, was shot at a public press conference this morning where the media was invited to cover her arrest. It was shot in full accordance with the law and proper reporting procedures."

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After Christina Aguilera's Arrest