Justin Bieber Involved in 'Possible Riot Situation' in Liverpool

Those likening Bieber Fever to Beatlemania now have another point of comparison: Justin Bieber is currently trapped in his Liverpool, England hotel, which is surrounded by swarms of diehard fans chanting his name. If the pop star does not follow police orders, he could even face an arrest for "inciting a riot."

According to reports, Liverpool police authorities have warned the pop star that he is involved in a "possible riot situation." If Bieber or a member of his team so much as approach his hotel room's balcony, he could be arrested for inciting a riot.

Additionally, uniformed officers -- as many as 25 of them -- are on the scene to guard the area surrounding the hotel, where 500 or more Bieber fans have gathered. Nearby roads have reportedly been shut down.

Video of the crowd outside Bieber's hotel, in which fans are chanting "We want Justin," has surfaced. Watch below.

Bieber first alluded to the incident on his Twitter approximately two hours ago, saying, "This is crazy. There are like thousands of people out there. Love everybody but gonna try and get some sleep. Please don't scream." He also tweeted a picture from the hotel's lobby, which shows a massive pack of fans gathered at the door.

Bieber recently added: "I cant even say hi to my fans outside cuz of the police. Some bull." Apparently he is attempting to work with the police in order to make an appearance for his eager fans. He tweeted at 1:52pm EST: "Trying to work it out so I can say whatup to my fans."

Bieber is scheduled to perform in Liverpool tomorrow night (Mar. 11) at Echo Arena.