'Glee's' New Directions, Blaine and Kurt Score Big at Regionals

'Glee' to Tackle Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours,' Paltrow and Chenoweth to Return

'Glee' to Tackle Fleetwood Mac's 'Rumours,' Paltrow and Chenoweth to Return

On last night's (Mar. 15) episode of "Glee," the New Directions performed their first original songs, beating out The Warblers and Aural Intensity (led by Sue Sylvester) to win Regionals. It was an episode of firsts -- especially for Blaine and Kurt.

'Glee' Song Premiere: The Warblers Do Pink's 'Raise Your Glass'

The Gleeks' first few forays into songwriting are less than thrilling. Rachel debuts "Only Child," a ballad only slightly more tolerable than her previous attempt, "My Headband." Santana writes a sultry song about Sam titled "Trouty Mouth," and Puck impresses Lauren with "Big Ass Heart," a rockabilly number that doesn't impress Mr. Schue. Mercedes' "Hell to the No" is very entertaining, but not quite epic enough for Regionals.

Video: Amber Riley Sings Original Song "Hell to the No" on "Glee"

The Warblers, meanwhile, are also preparing for the competition. They plan to open the set with Blaine leading the group in Maroon 5's "Misery." Kurt points out that Blaine sings nearly every solo, and The Warblers are beginning to feel like "Blaine and the Pips." We have to agree. Blaine is talented (and dreamy, no doubt) but we'd like to hear some of those other boys sing for a change.

Video: The Warblers Sing Maroon 5's "Misery" on "Glee"

After Kurt's pet canary, Pavarotti, dies, he honors the deceased songbird with "Blackbird" by the Beatles. The performance inspires Blaine, and he insists that he and Kurt perform a duet at Regionals. The two meet up to practice their song, and the rehearsal ends in a make-out session. It sure took them long enough, but we're so glad to finally see Kurt happy.

Video: Chris Colfer Performs The Beatles' "Blackbird" on "Glee

Regionals opens with Aural Intensity, who perform "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" by Christian pop group Sonseed. We expected better from a team coached by seasoned champion Sue Sylvester.

The Warblers give a solid performance, though Kurt and Blaine's beautifully intimate duet of "Candles" by Hey Monday failed to impress the judges. Then Blaine leads the boys in a rousing rendition of Pink's "Raise Your Glass" that makes us forget it was ever sung by a woman. (Billboard.com premiered the song last week -- have a listen.)

Video: Darren Criss and Chris Colfer Sing Hey Monday's "Candles" on "Glee"

Rachel channels her heartbreak over the Finn and Quinn's reunion into her original power ballad, "Get it Right." She certainly gets it right, winning a standing ovation from the Regionals crowd.

The New Directions have come a long way -- a fact they make abundantly clear when they perform their brand new, original anthem "Loser Like Me." Inspired by Sue's cruelty and ridicule, they sing from their hearts and bring the crowd to their feet. The other students unanimously name Rachel the competition's MVP, and the New Directions start preparing to compete at Nationals.

Video: The New Directions Perform Original Song "Loser Like Me" on "Glee"