Yes Guitarist Trevor Rabin Working on First Solo Album in 22 Years

Yes Guitarist Trevor Rabin Working on First Solo Album in 22 Years

Film composer and former Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin is mixing his first solo album since 1989, a collection of instrumentals that Voiceprint Records will release in September.

Rabin, whose credits include "Race to Witch Mountain," "Armageddon" and the NCAA basketball tournament theme, recorded all the instruments himself except for the drums. For percussion he brought in Vinnie Colaiuta, Louis Molino and his son Ryan Rabin of the band Grouplove.

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"It's time to let this baby go," he says. "In every project I have done, there has been (a deadline and a goal). With (my first band) Rabbit, it was a single and then albums; with Yes you had to make a strong, viable album, and with film you've got a schedule to keep. Here, I was able to do what I wanted. It's not necessarily easy on the ears."

The composer of "Owner of a Lonely Heart" went with the independent Voiceprint label after they impressed him with the job they did on the Yes demo recordings, released as "90214" and "Live in L.A." On May 2, Voiceprint's Gonzo imprint released "Union Live," a 1991 concert recording by Yes.

The new album is Rabin's first of instrumentals. His last solo album, 1989's "Can't Look Away," was created in a similar fashion with Rabin playing guitar, bass and keyboards and guests, Molino among them, on drums.

"I felt such freedom doing this," Rabin says, his May schedule intentionally clear of movie scoring -- the first time in 15 years -- so he can return home to South Africa to see his mother. "I wasn't restricted in any way. It worked out like a painting. You leave it on the easel and return to it when you're ready."