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Beastie Boys 'Make Some Noise' on Social 50 Chart

BEASTIE BOYSYear of Eligibility: 2011

Beastie Boys enter the Social 50 at No. 44 for the first time thanks to the arrival of their video for "Make Some Noise." The star-studded clip drove a 191% increase in week-over-week views and a 96% lift in overall plays across all monitored social networks.

To date, "Make Some Noise" has more than 760,000 views on YouTube since its premiere on April 21. Two days later, the Beasties live streamed their entire album via a boom box inside Madison Square Garden (you have to watch to fully appreciate what they did -- and uploaded it to YouTube the following day. In turn, the stunt brought in thousands of new views.

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The group also saw a 26% increase in overall fans, with MySpace (56%) and Facebook (27%) seeing the biggest gains. With the May 3 release of their latest album "Hot Sauce Committee Part Two," the Beastie Boys may see a larger jolt in fan activity next week.

The Social 50 ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking sites -- YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and iLike -- using a formula blending weekly additions of friends/fans/followers along with weekly artist page views and weekly song plays.

Bursting into the top 10 this week is Enrique Iglesias, ascending 22-7 with a 135% overall swell in new fans. This massive catapult to No. 7 comes after he won nine accolades, including artist of the year, at the 2011 Billboard Latin Music Awards on April 28. Iglesias gained 793,700 new likes on Facebook (16.3 million total), giving him the largest Facebook boost on the chart this week. Shakira, the recipient of six awards, gained 787,200 new likes (28 million total); she holds at No. 4.

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Similarly, Beyonce makes an impressive charge into No. 9, after skyrocketing 25-14 last week. Carried by a 111% punch in YouTube plays, the diva now sits among the top ten.

Three weeks ago, Pitbull jumped 18-11 on the strength of his single "Give Me Everything," claiming No. 10 the following week. His stay in the top tier was short-lived, as he has since fallen 10-25 after an 11% decline in Vevo plays and 12% setback in views across all monitored social networks. Conversely, the single sprung up 19-11 on the Hot Digital Songs chart, suggesting that after a frenzy of web activity fans converted from streamers to buyers.

For the tenth week in a row, Justin Bieber holds down No. 1. His overall fans and views took a hit (down 6% and 17%, respectively), but a 14% week-over-week increase in plays helped keep him in the top. Lady Gaga (No. 2), Rihanna (No. 3), Eminem (No. 5), and Akon (No. 6) all hold their respective spots. Katy Perry and Lil Wayne both slid down one notch (8-7 and 10-9).

Shortly after the December 2010 launch of Social 50, Soulja Boy had a two week run at No. 38 and, until now, had been absent from the list. He re-enters the tally at No. 47 with an increase in MySpace activity (a 32% gain in plays and 33% jump in views). This growth can be attributed to his new mixtape "Juice," which dropped on Apr. 20. A remake of the 1992 movie by the same, starring Soulja Boy as Bishop (a role originally played by 2Pac), is also in the works.

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Bring Me The Horizon, a British metalcore band, also returns into the fray No. 41.