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Nicki Minaj: I'll 'Remain Myself' Whether on Britney Spears or Lil Wayne's Tour

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Fresh off her road run with Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj is planning to "expand" her live show for her upcoming run with Britney Spears but promises she's neither taming nor tailoring her act for a different audience.

"People think (Spears) is a pop tour and (Lil Wayne) was a hip-hop tour and Nicki's going to completely change -- I think that's the biggest misconception," Minaj tells "I think people don't understand that I remain myself, whether I'm on a hip-hop tour or a pop tour."

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And, Minaj adds, she doesn't think there's that much difference between Weezy's and Britney's crowds, anyway. "The Wayne tour to me was a pop tour," she explains. "Most people probably think that they're only gonna see black faces in the audience for him, but we see everyone in that audience. Eighty percent of the crowd is everything but black. To me, hip-hop is pop. They've merged. Everyone listens to rap. I think it's all the same thing. And even if I was going out with Wayne again, I would still make the changes I'm making because my brand is going to keep evolving."

Minaj, who's just started rehearsals for the two-month Spears tour -- which starts June 16 in Sacramento, Calif. -- says she plans to "continue with the theatrics and stuff I started with on the Wayne tour and expand that a little bit, and expand the dancers and just (use) more props and all that stuff. I just really try to create my own world on that stage, so that's what I'm working on. Obviously I want to make it a little bit bigger for this one...Right now I'm just feeling out ideas." As for doing something with Spears during the shows, Minaj says that, "It's definitely been mentioned, but I can't say yet. I'm not positive."

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While she's still riding the success of her platinum 2010 debut album "Pink Friday" -- which debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 in November -- Minaj says that she already knows when she'll be releasing its follow-up, though she's mum on the subject. "I don't want to say when yet," Minaj notes, explaining that her new single, "Super Bass," "is taking off, so we're continuing to work 'Pink Friday.' "

It's likely that the next record work we hear from Minaj will be her contributions to Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter IV," which is due out June 21. But even she's not entirely sure what exactly we'll hear.

"I did two different things, and we'll see what the man decides to do," Minaj explains. "With Wayne, you never know; he's known to change his mind a lot when he's putting out his albums, so we'll see. I just know that something is going to be on 'Tha Carter IV,' and I just know 'Tha Carter IV' is going to be epic. That's really all I know."