Las Vegas Spotlight: Incubus

Las Vegas Spotlight: Incubus

Las Vegas Spotlight: Incubus

incubus in vegas

The members of Incubus showed their love for Las Vegas in a photoshoot at The Palms Casino's Pool & Bungalows, which we featured in our recent Billboard Music Awards special issue (photo shown above). Now we go behind the scenes at the shoot with the platinum-selling rockers, who are preparing for the release of their sixth studio album, "If Not Now, When?" (out July 12). Watch below, and check out the Billboard Music Awards, airing live from -- but of course -- Las Vegas this Sunday (May 22) at 8pm ET on ABC.

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"We're always very impressed when people come to see our show in Vegas because there's a lot of competition here. This place is just magic from top to bottom."

"Entertainment is what Vegas is really all about. This is a playground for grown-ups, you don't come here to rest. You come here to get it on."

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"Also there are some very fine golf courses here, so you should bring your clubs. And I would say a very small bathing suit so you can show off that bitchin' tan you get by the pool."

About Palms Pool & Bungalows: You've always wanted to see Vegas, explore the shopping, indulge in the spas and try your luck in this legendary town. Why wait? There's no better time than summer 2011. Visit The Palms' sleek pool complex, which features shallow lounge pools where you can look cool, calm, wet and fabulous while rocking to the DJ's beats.