U2's Bono Agreed With Terrible Reviews for 'Spider-Man'

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Wes Orshoski

The Edge and Bono of U2 perform at Giants Stadium near New York City, September 23, 2009.

U2's Bono says he agreed with the terrible reviews for "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" on Broadway, for which he penned the score along with the Edge.

"It might have been a little hard for some other people around here to take that, but we don't disagree with the New York Times," Bono tells "Nightline's" Cynthia McFadden in an interview that airs Friday at 11:35 p.m. ET. "That's the sort of stuff we were saying backstage."

Among those who did not believe bad reviews? Former director Julie Taymor, who was forced out.

Video: Bono talks "Spider-Man" Broadway musical with "Nightline"

"Julie would not accept this," Bono adds of the $70 million Broadway music, the most expensive in history, which will officially re-open on June 14 with new music and a streamlined script.

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"She got very close to it, so close, perhaps, that she couldn't see it," Bono says. "And we were going out and coming back and we could see very clearly what we thought were the problems and she didn't think they were as big a problem as we did."

Still, Bono and the Edge praise Taymor: "Julie is an incredible artist, really a very gifted girl. I think it's -- it's a shame she's not with us to see it to its conclusion, because a lot of what's magic about it is hers."

"If it's a big success, I think it serves everybody involved and Julie, as well, because, you know, this show is so much about the contributions she made," the Edge adds. "So I think the best thing we could do for the show and -- and for Julie is turn this into a success"

Phil McKinley, who replaced Taymor, also opens up to "Nightline."

"Some people call me 'Spidey Doc,'" McKinley jokes of editing the script. Adds Bono, "The last version of 'Turn Off the Dark' had a lot of magic and mysterious stuff. It was beautiful actually, in so many ways. It just, it didn't cohere."

"This time you have a really clear story line," Bono goes on. "You have characters that you're getting to know. The music is in a system where it's legible and there's lots of really obvious stuff that has been fixed."