Billboard Bits: Lady Gaga's Massive Google Deal, Justin Bieber Wants Jay-Z on His Record

Billboard Bits: Lady Gaga's Massive Google Deal, Justin Bieber Wants Jay-Z on His Record

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Lady Google: Is Gaga About To Sign A $10 Million Google Laptop Endorsement Deal?
Maybe it's just the easy way that the phrase "Gaga and Google" slips off the tongue, but there's no shortage of rumors about how the megastar and megacompany may be working together going forward. The latest is that Lady Gaga is angling to be the "face" of the new Google Chrome line of laptops coming out June 15. Read the full story at

Justin Bieber Wants Jay-Z On His Record
After working with everyone from Ludacris to Kanye West and Raekwon, Justin Bieber wants Hova himself on his next record. "I would love to work with Jay-Z," the 17-year-old pop star recently said. "Just a cool fun record." Coming off a big night full of wins at the Billboard Music Awards, Bieber certainly has the clout, but may have to wait till Jay-Z is finished with his "Watch The Throne" project, a joint-record with Kanye West. (The BoomBox) to Release Solo Album
In a recent interview, The Black Eyed Peas' Fergie candidly revealed that bandmate is coming out with a his fourth solo album. She said: "I believe Will is coming out with a solo album. I've heard it. It's called 'Black Einstein' and it's amazing." (Holyscoop TV via NME)

Lil Boosie Accused of Trying to Smuggle Codeine Into Prison
Louisiana rappper Lil Boosie, aka Torrence Hatch, and two other inmates allegedly tried to sneak codeine syrup into the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Currently being held on a charge of first-degree murder, Hatch has now been charged with conspiracy to introduce contraband into a penal institution and inciting a felony. (Rap Radar)

Barry Gibb Posts Video Of Michael Jackson Collab
Today, Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibbs released a 34-second clip of himself and Michael Jackson working on a track called "All In Your Name" back in 2002. Posting the video on his website, Gibb included a message that read, "Michael Jackson and I were the dearest of friends, that's simply what it was... 'All In Your Name' is in fact the message that Michael wanted to send out to all of his fans all over the world that he did it all for them and for the pure love of music." Gibb also wrote that he hopes one day he'll be able to release the track in its entirety. ( via NME)

(Reporting by Jillian Mapes and Jon Blistein)