This Week in Apps: Lady Gaga Times Two, Lokast, Spins.FM & More

This Week in Apps: Lady Gaga Times Two, Lokast, Spins.FM & More

Our weekly look at the hottest new music apps available for you mobile device.

Lady Gaga 'Born This Way Revenge' and 'Monster in You'

The all-out marketing blitz behind Lady Gaga's new album Born This Way wouldn't be complete without a few mobile apps to compliment it all. The developers behind the Tap Tap Revenge mobile rhythm game issued Born This Way Revenge, which features 17 tracks from the deluxe version of the album. And, for the first time in the game franchise, features in-app access to Gagavision videos via YouTube, as well as other video shorts. Gaga & Co. also teamed with app developer Appetizer Mobile for the app "Lady Gaga: The Monster In You." Users submit photos of themselves to the app, which then adds prosthetic makeup, horns and lipstick to them to transform them into "Little Monsters." The app also contains links to buy the album and share their morphed photos via social networking.


NearVerse introduced the latest version of its LoKast app. The app allows users to share content with one another, but only for those in the same physical space. In addition to sharing photos, music and other media, the app adds the ability for various type of chat and messaging functions. This includes group chat, private chats, hosted chats and so on… all available only to other LoKast app users in the same area. The company bills them as proximity-based social networks.

Social Requests App

Bridging the digital and analog worlds, Spins.FM is a service that lets users request songs on participating radio stations using Twitter and Facebook. The new Social Requests App adds a dedicated app to the mix, which gives radio stations more control and understanding of the requests. Participating stations can view stat requests, broken down by location, song, etc.


The cloud-based playlist creator is now available for BlackBerry devices. Moodagent creates playlists based on, as you can imagine, mood. Simply enter in your mood, and the app analyzes your music library to come up with the best collection of songs that apply, using "emotional profiling." It also offers recommendations for songs not in your library. Out of a playlist of 100 songs, half are new songs recommended via the service, limited to 30-second samples which users can immediately buy.


SoundHound this week launched Hound, a standalong voice search application that allows uers to find a song, artist or band by simply saying the name of each into the phone's speaker. This is a feature of the flagship SoundHound music ID app, but Hound is a spinoff focused just on the voice interface. Whereas that flagship app is paid, Hound is free. Search results provide song previews, lyrics, videos, sharing features and more.

RedLaser LIVE

QR code scanning app RedLaser has a new version created for the Sasquatch Music Festival, called RedLaser LIVE. Users first check-in to a specific location within the venue, where they can also see the location of any Facebook friend who do the same. It then lets users can QR codes at various vendors or bookmark certain spots (like users' campsites) to find later on the embedded map of the festival grounds. Also, users can scan a special code at the RedLaser booth to win a chance to meet Fitz and the Tantrums.