Jason Derulo Gets 'Totally Drunk,' Cries While Recording New Album

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JASON DESROULEAUX (a.k.a. Jason Derulo)

While Jason Derulo is still "putting the final touches" on sophomore album "Future History," the R&B/pop singer tells Billboard.com that his experiences over the past two years will make his second full-length a more diverse offering than his first.

"My first album [2010's "Jason Derulo"], I was 19 when I wrote and recorded it, and I'm 21 now," says Derulo, who will release "Future History" in September through Beluga Heights/Warner Bros. Records. "I like to write music based on who I am as a person, and this [album] is far different from the first one. On the first one I didn't have club tracks because I hadn't experienced that at all, and on this one my first record is about the most amazing party you've ever been to."

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That record, first single "Don't Wanna Go Home," is a more club-focused offering than Derulo's past hits ("Whatcha Say" and "In My Head") and currently sits at No. 17 on the Hot 100. Meanwhile, Derulo says that the forthcoming album will also include a track called "Make It Up As We Go" that he recorded under less-than-sober circumstances.

"I've got a song on the album that I [recorded] totally drunk...'cause that's just what it was at that time," says Derulo. "I can never recapture that. Me being sober would just not be the same, because at that moment that's what I was feeling and how I'm saying it is exactly how it's supposed to be said." The singer also says that on another song, "Grieving," he was "crying in the booth… it's just that emotional and personal to me."

Derulo says that he'll be making the media rounds before the album release, and plans to continue his "Future History" weekly webisode series that chronicles the making of the album on his website. As for the follow-up to "Don't Wanna Go Home," Derulo says, "I'm closing in on some tracks that I think would be right for the second single from the album. I'm just trying to figure it out -- I'm sure it'll come to me in a dream or something."