Taking Back Sunday Already Eyeing Follow-Up to New Album

Taking Back Sunday Already Eyeing Follow-Up to New Album

The original recording lineup of Taking Back Sunday has been back together for barely a year and a half, and its first new album isn't even out yet. But the group's Adam Lazzara says a follow-up is already in the quintet's sight.

"We're constantly writing with one another," Lazzara tells Billboard.com. Once Taking Back Sunday hits the road on June 14 to start promoting "Taking Back Sunday" -- which is due out June 28 -- he predicts that "the whole time we'll be working on new material, too. This is where everybody's head is at; it's not like, 'Oh, we're getting back together and doing a reunion record.' It's not anything like that. We're definitely moving forward and into the future."

Video: Taking Back Sunday, "This Is All Now"

Lazzara says the group did record another seven or eight songs in addition to the 11 on the Eric Valentine-produced "Taking Back Sunday." They'll be used for B-sides and special packages but also, he feels, "are like good stepping stones towards our future record." And, Lazzara adds, "There's little ideas we were kicking around that never really got the attention they needed because of the other songs. There's definitely little things that we have that just need a little more work."

Lazzara, guitarist Eddie Reyes and drummer Mark O'Connell reconnected with guitarist John Nolan and bassist Shaun Cooper in early 2010, reuniting the lineup that recorded 2002's "Tell All Your Friends." The experience, Lazzara says, has been overwhelmingly positive and notably more cooperative than the group's first go-round.

"Everybody's kind of grown up a lot," he explains. "Compared to back then, we're all really comfortable with our abilities...There's a lot more trust and everybody's working more as a unit, whereas in the past I wouldn't ever really lean on any of the other guys for help with anything. On this record we were all kind of leaning on one another, and that's really important if you're working with five people."

Taking Back Sunday recently shot a video for the album's first single, "(Faith (When I Let You Down)." The group will tour North America through July, after which it heads to the U.K. and Europe with another North American swing hoped-for in the fall, according to Lazzara.